The issue over gender-neutral bathrooms

By Max Schochet – 1851 Staff 

“I’m not a she. I’m not a he. I’m you. I’m me. I’m we,” are the words Fenn Esser wrote in a response to Time’s “Beyond He or She” article. The words ring out like a banner as the debate over transgender rights heats up across the nation. The controversial question at the center—where to go to the bathroom? More specifically, should people who are transgender be forced to go to a sex-segregated bathroom? Continue reading “The issue over gender-neutral bathrooms”

Lasell opens doors to gender neutral housing

Natalie Kfoury – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Lasell College will offer gender neutral housing for the Fall 2014 semester. The decision was a joint effort between Student Government Association (SGA) and Residential Life. The option is open to students who feel uncomfortable living with genders they do not identify with or who are transgender.

Junior Class President Brianna Robbins worked on this proposal since her freshman year, collaborating with various people from SGA and Residential Life. “This is a great option against discrimination as our school is so diverse in gender identification,” said Robbins.  Continue reading “Lasell opens doors to gender neutral housing”

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