Lasers look back on Marathon Monday

By Hanna Babek & Rebecca Osowski – 1851 Contributor & Features Editor

Returning for the second time this year, the Boston Marathon was run on its traditional date, Patriot’s Day. Students spent this second race much like the October marathon–standing on Washington Street, cheering for runners, enjoying the WLAS event in the Arnow quad, and celebrating the day with friends.

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Speed of Change progress and plan for next five years

By Hanna Babek, Alexandra White & Harley Lacardo – 1851 Contributors

Graphic by Felipe Bida

On January 31, President Michael Alexander updated the Lasell community on the Speed of Change plan created in Spring 2021. This plan details what changes the Lasell administration would like to see within the next five years, and the steps they will take to create those changes.

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Springtime study spots 

By Holly Feola & Hanna Babek – Opinion Editor & 1851 Contributor

As the warm weather makes its returns, the campus welcomes it with open arms. The dreary winter scene dissipated and now is replaced with a sunny, lively spring one. Students can finally get out of their stuffy rooms and the library to study outside and take in the beautiful weather as nature comes back to life. Here are plenty of places around campus to take in fresh air to study or to chill with friends: 

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Spring COVID-19 2022 protocols

By Hanna Babek & Haley LaCardo – 1851 Contributors

Prior to the February 19 protocol updates, students, faculty, and staff were required to test weekly, often waiting in long lines outside the testing center. Photo by Hanna Babek

As the pandemic nears its two year mark, the COVID-19 task force continues to update campus protocols to protect community members. As of February 19, masks are not required indoors except for in classes, and weekly testing is no longer mandatory.

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Spring semester events preview

By Hanna Babek – 1851 Contributor 

First-years graphic design major and Vice President Erin Tilley (left), fashion media and marketing major and Creative Director Amelia Capron (middle), and fashion design major and President Jaylin Brown (right) at the spring activities fair. Photo courtesy of Erin Tilley

Students can look forward to a semester full of events and activities from the many clubs on campus, including some new organizations such as the Lasell Black Students Association and Alternative Arts. 

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Safety escorts help students feel safe on campus

By Hanna Babek and Alexandra White – 1851 Contributors

For years, campus safety escorts have been available for students who feel uncomfortable while walking on or around campus. If a student feels unsafe, they can call Campus Police and ask to be driven to their destination as long as it is near campus. Campus Police will ask the student about the situation, and then pick them up at their location. 

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The Importance of Transgender Remembrance Day

By Holly Feola & Hanna BabekOpinion Editor & 1851 Contributor

A butterfly with the transgender community pride colors hangs in Valentine Dining Hall to commemorate victims of transphobic hate and violence. Photo by Rebecca Osowski

In honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20, the Donahue Institute held two prerecorded Zoom presentations featuring Schuyler Bailar. Bailar is a graduate of Harvard University and the first transgender athlete to play on an NCAA Division I men’s team. The presentations were held on November 16 and 23 and were organized by the Coordinator of Intercultural Engagement and Commuter Life at the Donahue Institute alum Alanis Perez-Rivera (‘21).

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