Laser Spotlight: Professor Sarabeth Golden Reply

By Heather Murray – 1851 Staff


Photo by Heather Murray

Professor Sarahbeth Golden teaches the Psychology course “Human Sexuality.” Her students explore the biological and anatomical sides of sex, as well as the cultural concepts. Part of Golden’s curriculum is to inform the students and get them more comfortable with their bodies and sexuality.

What do you want your students to learn from the Human Sexuality class?

I decided over the summer to change my curriculum to project-based learning. They will be learning by doing and finishing projects. In the age of the Internet, you can learn content on your own. I gave my students an electronic book that they can learn with on their own to make the learning a little less heinous and more likely for them to actually read it.

That’s where they get information about anatomy or sexual transmitted diseases. I wanted them to do a project based on human sexuality where they are researching a problem, and the problem has to be relevant, something related to the campus.