Star seniors take connected learning off-campus Reply

By Taylor Viles– 1851 Staff

While many students spent their summers relaxing from their studies, traveling with family or catching up on sleep, some rising seniors spent it working hard to get a leg up in their future career.


Dear employers: Interns want more 1

By Tristan Davis – Features Editor

It’s an icy Monday morning in the middle of February, and I’m walking across the snow-covered turf to the Woodland T stop. I’m currently in the middle of my second internship, both of which are Boston-based work sites and require an hour-long commute from campus. I load some more money onto my Charlie Card and hop on the train. An elderly woman gets on at the next stop and I offer her my seat. It’s day number 75 as an unpaid communication intern.


Illustration by Amanda Bennett


Connected Learning through staff internships Reply

Kait Quinn – 1851 Staff

When a student first visits Lasell College and hears “every student is required to do an internship to graduate,” there is not much excitement. The idea of doing a part-time job for free, in return for college credit is not everyone’s dream.

But when the same student hears Lasell College was ranked in U.S. News’ “10 Colleges With the Highest Rate of Student Internships,” in 2013, the desire to complete an internship seems to outweigh the dreadfulness. More…