Family, friends, alumni come together as one Reply

By Megan Palumbo & Morgan VanWickler – Sports Editor & Junior Art Director 

Family, Friends and Alumni Weekend (FFAW), held October 14 through October 16, featured on and off campus activities, tours, restaurant visits and sports games for Lasers of all ages.


River Day pits families and friends against each other on the Charles River in a fun race for the top prize. Photo by Morgan VanWickler


Fall photo gallery Reply


Affluenza affecting Lasell Reply

By Jackie Colombie – 1851 Staff

Affluenza is defined as a social theory claiming that individuals with privileged and wealthier backgrounds sometimes struggle to determine the difference between right and wrong due to the nature of their upbringing. While reading this definition, I couldn’t help but feel like the term applied to our campus in regards to parking. This is not to imply that everyone on this campus is from a wealthy background, but I think people should be more appreciative of how fortunate they are to have a parking spot on campus. More…