‘Professionals of Color’ panel calls for inclusiveness

By Marissa Gugala – 1851 Staff

Professionals of Color Panel 1_preview
The ‘Professionals of Color’ panel answered audience questions and discussed ways Lasell could be more inclusive. (L-R) Jesse Tauriac, Elna Bleakney, Monica Hall-Porter, Brittany Bullard, James Henderson, Danielle Canty, and Charlotte Frazier. Photo by Katie Schenider 

The Donahue Institute for Ethics, Diversity, & Inclusion hosted the ‘Professionals of Color’ panel to highlight individuals of color on and off campus. The panel, held in Arnow Campus Center, featured seven individuals: Jesse Tauriac, James Henderson, Danielle Canty, Monica-Hall Porter, Virginia Knight, Charlotte Frazier, and Elna Bleakney.  Continue reading “‘Professionals of Color’ panel calls for inclusiveness”

Jesse Tauriac: Lessons in Diversity and Inclusion

Photo courtesy of Jesse Tauriac
Photo courtesy of Jesse Tauriac

Ashley Medeiros – Contributing Writer

When you walk around Lasell College with Jesse Tauriac you feel as though you are in the company of a celebrity. Every student who crosses his path is eager to speak with him. Some may be his advisees, others might have a question about an upcoming assignment, but most are seeking a genuine hello and deep intellectual conversation. No matter what they are looking for one thing remains the same; each individual receives undivided attention, a mindful response, and a smile. Continue reading “Jesse Tauriac: Lessons in Diversity and Inclusion”

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