Jesse Tauriac: The most caring on campus

By Joshua Michna – 1851 Contributor

Chief Diversity Officer Jesse Tauriac (F) and Assistant Director of The Donahue Institute Thomas Morgan (B) pictured on the ground floor of the Intercultural Center and Commuter Cottage (IC3.) Photo taken before COVID-19 mask mandate.
Photo courtesy of Joshua Michna

“Jesse, to me, is a figure I can look up to for motivation and inspiration,” says junior Eleianet Nunez, a student worker at the Intercultural Center & Commuter Cottage (IC3). “He is someone who genuinely puts his heart into everything he does and cares for his students and others deeply.”

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‘Professionals of Color’ panel calls for inclusiveness

By Marissa Gugala – 1851 Staff

Professionals of Color Panel 1_preview
The ‘Professionals of Color’ panel answered audience questions and discussed ways Lasell could be more inclusive. (L-R) Jesse Tauriac, Elna Bleakney, Monica Hall-Porter, Brittany Bullard, James Henderson, Danielle Canty, and Charlotte Frazier. Photo by Katie Schenider 

The Donahue Institute for Ethics, Diversity, & Inclusion hosted the ‘Professionals of Color’ panel to highlight individuals of color on and off campus. The panel, held in Arnow Campus Center, featured seven individuals: Jesse Tauriac, James Henderson, Danielle Canty, Monica-Hall Porter, Virginia Knight, Charlotte Frazier, and Elna Bleakney.  Continue reading “‘Professionals of Color’ panel calls for inclusiveness”

Jesse Tauriac: Lessons in Diversity and Inclusion

Photo courtesy of Jesse Tauriac
Photo courtesy of Jesse Tauriac

Ashley Medeiros – Contributing Writer

When you walk around Lasell College with Jesse Tauriac you feel as though you are in the company of a celebrity. Every student who crosses his path is eager to speak with him. Some may be his advisees, others might have a question about an upcoming assignment, but most are seeking a genuine hello and deep intellectual conversation. No matter what they are looking for one thing remains the same; each individual receives undivided attention, a mindful response, and a smile. Continue reading “Jesse Tauriac: Lessons in Diversity and Inclusion”

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