Editor’s corner: I never would have thought Reply

By Kayli Hertel – Managing Editor 

All my life, I have loved history. I can even pinpoint specific moments throughout my life when I was a little too enthusiastic about assignments from elementary school all the way through term essays and research papers in college. However, one moment recently stuck out to me from the seventh grade. Like most students, I took an American history class, but unlike most students, I was constantly raising my hand to add historical information to the lesson plan.



Students recognize cultural appropriation Reply

By Kayli HertelManaging Editor

College students love Halloween. It’s a time to celebrate, embrace your inner costume designer, and dance the night away at the annual Creeps n’ Ghouls Dance. But what Halloween is not about is being disrespectful, mocking, or participating in the act of cultural appropriation. But what is cultural appropriation and what does it have to do with Halloween? More…

Library due for a makeover Reply

By Kayli Hertel & Megan Palumbo – Managing Editor & 1851 Staff

The heart of Lasell College: Brennan Library. Whether students need to study quietly, gather resources for assignments, or meet up with study groups, the library is the ideal location. New di- rector, Del Hornbuckle, is collaborating with the campus community to transform the space into a 21st century structure.


PHOTOS: Le Lam debuts at Wedeman Gallery Reply

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Photos by Jeniffer Bispo – Staff Photographer

On Sunday, September 20 Wedeman gallery held the opening reception for “Le Lam: Sketches from the South”. Artist Le Lam’s work reveals what everyday life was like in Vietnam from 1965 to 1974 in the form of portraits and battlefield scenes. This is the artist’s first showing in the United States and will remain in the gallery until Saturday, October 3.

“Sweaty Spaghettiii” Aides Haitian Children Reply

By Kayli Hertel – Managing Editor

While other college students spend the summer relaxing at the beach or working, a set of Lasell students took the time off as a chance to serve others abroad. The group included Francesca Ceppetelli and Colbylyn Gilman, two rising seniors at Lasell, and two recent alumnae, Danielle Cutillo and Kerin Crowley. Each of the girls expressed an interest in a service trip in Haiti, which was when Cutillo informed them about Be Like Brit, one of her favorite organizations. More…

Weick inspires Lasell with “Marx in Soho” Reply

Kayli Hertel – Managing Editor

After 278 performances as Karl Marx, Bob Weick entered Yamawaki as the famed philosopher in Howard Zinn’s production of “Marx in Soho.” Weick performed at Lasell before as Marx and each time he engaged his audience with the story of Marx as philosopher and man. More…

PHOTOS: 2015 The Sex Games: Consent to Play Reply

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Photos by Kayli HertelManaging Editor

On April 16th the first annual Sex Games: Consent to Play was held in de Witt Hall. This event was put on by Peer Health Education, and supported by many organizations on campus such as Residential Life, Pride and Student Government Association. Check out the full story in our April issue!