A letter to the Class of 2020: Professor Calhoun

Dear Seniors,

There are times in history that can be looked at for guidance today. This has, to varying degrees, all happened before. Like now, people of the past were given the opportunity to reveal their best and worst natures. One of the most trying moments in fairly recent human history was the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. Almost exactly 100 years ago, this pandemic took millions of lives—many in the 20 – 40 years age bracket. The world was already reeling, having just emerged from World War I, known then as the Great War (since who could have predicted there would be another), and with massive social upheaval still convulsing throughout Europe and Russia, and brewing in Asia. Continue reading “A letter to the Class of 2020: Professor Calhoun”

Calhoun debuts first novel, “Black Moon”

black moon US

Emma Augustine – 1851 Staff

Kenneth Calhoun’s ability to multi-task is truly baffling. His office at Lasell reveals clues to how many talents he utilizes as a professor, graphic designer, author, musician, and film-maker. This month is especially exciting for Calhoun, whose first novel, “Black Moon,” was released in early March. “Black Moon” will now join the list of works that Calhoun has already published in magazines and short story anthologies.

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