Laser Nation: Special Alumni Edition 2

By Krista DeJulio, Allie Nekola and Megan Palumbo – Co-Editor-In-Chiefs and 1851 Staff

“1851 Chronicle” reporters Krista DeJulio, Allie Nekola with Megan Palumbo editing, experienced Family, Friends and Alumni weekend. This event is a chance for Lasers of all ages to connect and enjoy Lasell in the fall. Check out what past classmates have to say as 1851 staff members Krista DeJulio, Allie Nekola and Megan Palumbo chased down Laser alum opinions.

1851 Chronicle releases Laser Nation series 1

By Krista DeJulio, Megan Palumbo and Leanne Signoriello – Co-Editor-In-Chief and 1851 Staff

“1851 Chronicle” reporters Krista DeJulio and Megan Palumbo with Leanne Signoriello on camera, will chase down the opinions of Lasell in a new video series: Laser Nation. These weekly videos will be a mixture of fun, lighthearted questions to serious, controversial ones. September is the beginning of a new school year and students are excited to learn, be reunited with friends and be back on campus. Check out what your classmates have to say as 1851 staff members chased down Laser opinions.

A movie about emotions will bring out emotions Reply

By Krista DeJulioCo-Editor-in-Chief

Disney-Pixar movies are known to bring out emotions in adults and children alike. The franchise’s newest film, “Inside Out,” released Thursday night, is about just that: emotions. This film is unlike anything we have seen before. The film follows five emotions inside the head of 11-year old Riley who is normally happy. When her parents move her from Minnesota to San Francisco sadness engulfs her, eventually destroying her personality and memories. More…

Students shine at Awards Banquet 1

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Photos by Krista DeJulio and courtesy of Danielle Cutillo

Krista DeJulio and Ryan Fitzgerald – Features Editor and Opinion Editor

The 2015 Awards Banquet was held on Friday, April 17 in de Witt Hall. Awards are given out each year to students, faculty, and staff members for recognition of their accomplishments during the year. In addition, campus clubs were represented and the Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Board members were named at the annual ceremony, which had more than 100 students and faculty in attendance. More…

Clubs and organizations celebrate Earth Day Reply

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Photos by Krista DeJulio

Krista DeJulio – Features Editor

This year’s Earth Day, held on April 21 in de Witt Hall, attracted a large turnout and impacted the community. Clubs, groups, and environmental classes were represented at booths and all activities promoted cleaning up, preserving the environment, and creating enlightenment and positivity around campus. More…

New DCFC is beautiful, familiar Reply

Krista DeJulio – Features Editor

Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie (DCFC) has one of the most recognizable voices in indie-pop music, even more so in his most recent album released March 31. DCFC is the type of band that plays when you are at the grocery store and even though you’ve never heard the song, you just know it is DCFC. More…

Class creates It’s On Us campaign video Reply

By Krista DeJulioFeatures Editor

Professor Karin Raye’s Domestic Violence Advocacy class is participating in the national campaign It’s On Us to end domestic violence and sexual assault. The campaign was created by the White House in January 2014 and was launched in April of the same year to raise awareness and to protect men and women from sexual assault on college campuses.