WLAS Radio’s IBS triumph

By Megan Palumbo & Katie Peters- Co-Editor-in-Chief & 1851 Staff 


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(L-R) Matt Berentsen, Polina Heckle, Adam Hallenback, Charlotte Gitelman, Jared Giurleo, and Amanda Tamborelli holding all 11 trophies WLAS took home from the IBS Conference.


Six students from Lasell College Radio (WLAS) traveled to New York City the weekend of March 1 to attend this year’s International Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) Conference. The station came home with 11 trophies, including one first place title.

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WLAS broadcasts FM, offers internship program

By Ryan Fitzgerald & Taylor Ritchie  Co-Editor-in-Chief & Contributing Writer

After years of waiting and persistence from Dr. Brian Wardyga, the Lasell College Radio Club (LCR) is now broadcasting on FM station 102.9 WLAS. LCR broadcasts on the low power station Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. This change brings more legitimacy to the club according to Wardyga, who works as LCR club advisor. Continue reading “WLAS broadcasts FM, offers internship program”

Lasell College Radio to broadcast athletics

By Max Berkowitz1851 Staff

Lasell College Radio (LCR) and the Athletic Department have combined efforts to begin broadcasting the college’s NCAA Division III events via live commentators and video equipment rented from the IT Department.

With the lead coming from senior Servi Barrientos, who was recently been named as the Sports Director of LCR, the campus can look forward to live broadcasts with entertaining commentators.

Barrientos, Athletic Director Kristy Walter, Sports Information Director Emily Machado and Dr. Brian Wardyga of LCR have worked together over the past couple of months to get the program up and running. On Saturday, January 31, the five student crew made up of Barrientos, senior Steve Brennan, junior Alyssa Adams, and sophomores James Payne and Greg Camillone worked hard to due a run through of what the program is set to look like.

“I went out by myself to recruit students who have my same vision in this project. I want to be able to leave my mark at Lasell after I graduate in May and this is what I want it to be,” Barrientos said.

Years ago, the Athletic Department had a similar program, like the one Barrientos has started, but quickly fell off due to lack of student interest. “As the newest member of Athletics, I have been looking for new ideas on how we can get the Lasell name out there,” said Machado. “With the run-through complete, I think the students have shown great interest in it to guide our department for years to come.”

Expectations set by Barrientos and the LCR crew were high going into the test, when the Lasell men’s basketball took on Emmanuel College. “The overall test was a great success. We went above and beyond our expectations for the run and I for sure took upon three of the best students I could have for this job,” Barrientos said. “I wanted to get people who wanted to have fun and learn about the career at the same time.”

The planning to broadcast began late last semester when Barrientos and Adams began interviewing the basketball coaching staff, Aaron Galletta and Todd Montana, before, during, and after their home contests to get a feel for what was to come.

“We knew right from the start, that this was something everyone was immediately on board with,” said Barrientos.

New manager hopes to bring change to LCR

Jordy Zawadski became the new station manager of Lasell College Radio at the end of last semester. He plans to bring more exposure to the club while in charge. (Photo by Krista DeJulio)
Jordy Zawadski became the new station manager of Lasell College Radio at the end of last
semester. He plans to bring more exposure to the club while in charge. (Photo by Krista DeJulio)

By Samantha Plumey1851 Staff

Jordy Zawadski has brought a new voice to Lasell College Radio (LCR) as the new Station Manager. It became official at the end of last semester when he was voted into the position by other members of the club. Zawadski gained experience last year as the hip-hop music director.

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Radio hosts No Shave November

Participants of No-Shave November (Photos courtesy of Lasell College Radio)

Zachary Gray – Co-Editor-In-Chief

Lasell College Radio, the rugby team, and the Campus Activities Board have joined together for a “No-Shave November” fundraiser benefitting the Lasell Fund. During the month of November, LCR collected $2.00 donations outside of Valentine Dining Hall to “sponsor” a rugby player in his quest to grow out the best beard.

At a grand finale event in the dining hall on December 5 at 6 p.m., a winner will be chosen from the group of participants. The winning player’s “sponsors” have a chance to win an Amazon gift card worth 25 percent of the proceeds. The remaining 75 percent will benefit the Lasell Fund. Continue reading “Radio hosts No Shave November”

LCR: Interstate Flamez and SkyMan to open for Mason on Marathon Monday

By Natalie Kfoury – A&E Editor 

Lasell College Radio will host their second annual Marathon Monday Concert at the Van Winkle, East, West, and McClelland Quad with Philadelphia-based hip-hop artist Mason performing as the headliner. Interstate Flamez and SkyMan will be supporting acts, as voted by the students. The show will coincide with the Patriot’s Day holiday and the Boston Marathon on April 16.  Continue reading “LCR: Interstate Flamez and SkyMan to open for Mason on Marathon Monday”

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