Safety escorts help students feel safe on campus

By Hanna Babek and Alexandra White – 1851 Contributors

For years, campus safety escorts have been available for students who feel uncomfortable while walking on or around campus. If a student feels unsafe, they can call Campus Police and ask to be driven to their destination as long as it is near campus. Campus Police will ask the student about the situation, and then pick them up at their location. 

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Former Laser Joe Sullivan motivated to succeed

By Taylor Viles – Print Sports Editor

Joe Sullivan (‘20) is a baseball player. His career is a love story made possible through happenstance, luck, and sheer want. Lasers will remember him as a leader on the baseball team for five seasons who was a powerful left-handed hitter and a cannon to second base from behind the plate.

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“COVID’s over, time to pay RENT”

By Michael Maruk & Alexandra White – Art Director & 1851 Contributor

The cast of RENT performing “La Ve Boheme” to close out Act One. Photo by Dan Fox

The season of love was back in full swing from November 17 through 20 when Lasell University and Regis College teamed up to perform the musical “RENT,” now going on its 25th anniversary. The show was held at Regis’ Eleanor Welch Casey Fine Arts Theater and it has been a long time coming since COVID-19 shut down most events in the last year. As most of the cast and directors have said, it sure was exciting for everything to be back in person.

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Emma’s Style Corner: How to ethically consume fashion

By Emma Ingenohl – 1851 Contributor

With my final semester of school nearly coming to a close, I have been doing a lot of reflecting. I have come to realize two things have remained constant for me throughout the past few years: my passions for both the world of fashion and the planet Earth. 

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“Lasell has a gallery?”

By Abi Brown & Rachel Shepard – Arts Editor & Copy Editor

The second floor of the Wedeman Gallery, located in The Yamawaki Cultural Center. Photos by Rachel Shepard

The Wedeman Art Gallery is located on the first floor of Yamawaki, but is often overlooked. 

When people come to Boston looking for attractions such as museums, they typically drift to the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) or the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). However, there are plenty of opportunities for student artists and art lovers alike to get involved with their local art community at Lasell. 

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