Staying safe on campus

By Blair SchneiderContributing Writer

In less than one month, members of the Lasell community have received two notices of sexual assault on campus from Vice President of Student Affairs Diane Austin.

In late September, the community received an email from Austin, notifying them that an undergraduate student reported that she had been sexually assaulted and it was by a person known to her. The email said the alleged assault is reported to have taken place the weekend of September 18th, in one of the College’s residential buildings, and it is currently under investigation. Continue reading “Staying safe on campus”

Laser Nation: Special Alumni Edition

By Krista DeJulio, Allie Nekola and Megan Palumbo – Co-Editor-In-Chiefs and 1851 Staff

“1851 Chronicle” reporters Krista DeJulio, Allie Nekola with Megan Palumbo editing, experienced Family, Friends and Alumni weekend. This event is a chance for Lasers of all ages to connect and enjoy Lasell in the fall. Check out what past classmates have to say as 1851 staff members Krista DeJulio, Allie Nekola and Megan Palumbo chased down Laser alum opinions.

Chronicle’d Podcast: Episode 2

By Tristan DavisFeatures Editor

“1851 Chronicle” features editor, Tristan Davis introduces his official title to his podcast series, Chronicle’d. On this episode he brings you bi-weekly updates about news and events happening at Lasell College and in the Greater Boston area including Family, Friends and Alumni weekend activities, sports highlights of star players, Matt Damon’s performance in “The Martian” and upcoming events on campus. Background music was “Island in the Sun” by Weezer.

“Sweaty Spaghettiii” Aides Haitian Children

By Kayli Hertel – Managing Editor

While other college students spend the summer relaxing at the beach or working, a set of Lasell students took the time off as a chance to serve others abroad. The group included Francesca Ceppetelli and Colbylyn Gilman, two rising seniors at Lasell, and two recent alumnae, Danielle Cutillo and Kerin Crowley. Each of the girls expressed an interest in a service trip in Haiti, which was when Cutillo informed them about Be Like Brit, one of her favorite organizations. Continue reading ““Sweaty Spaghettiii” Aides Haitian Children”

Lasell hosts “Migrating Colors” gallery

By Emily Kochanek – News Editor 

Until April 18, the Wedeman Gallery in Yamawaki will be hosting “Migrating Colors,” an exhibit featuring Haitian artists from the city of Jacmel. The show, in partnership with the Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts (HAAM), displays an amalgam of works from the artists, depicting their life before the devastating earthquake in 2010. Continue reading “Lasell hosts “Migrating Colors” gallery”

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