Letter to the editor

Jill Carey – Professor of Fashion

In response to Paris Adams’s editorial piece in The 1851 Chronicle, I suggest the following:

Consider, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” In other words, think of the fashion department as a whole entity with various interconnecting threads rather than individual tracks that do not benefit one another. The industry thrives from the interrelationship between design, communications, as well as retail merchandising and in fact could and would not exist without this interdependency.  Therefore, curricular and professional opportunities within and beyond the fashion department have the potential to benefit all students as well as the wider community.     Continue reading “Letter to the editor”

Letter to the Editor: Unconstitutional vs. wrong

By Zach Gray – Former Co-Editor-in-Chief, Class of 2014

The opinion section of The 1851 Chronicle is vital for communication students to air their viewpoints in a constructive and well thought manner. It provides a tremendous learning platform for students, including myself in years prior, to work on writing skills and defending a side in opinion-based topics.

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Arabic language program should be offered

By Amanda Bennett – Contributing Writer

Each year Lasell welcomes new students from all around the globe. The college has a total of 146 international students from 36 countries (32 graduate, 114 undergraduate). Out of those students, 70 students are from Saudi Arabia or Arabic speaking countries (six graduate, 64 undergrad). I think it is ridiculous Lasell does not offer any Arabic language courses or have an Arabic program.

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Letter to the Editor

By John Dirlam – Contributing Writer
I was saddened and troubled  by Krista DeJulio’s diatribe against Thanksgiving in the last issue of “The 1851 Chronicle.” It is not only historically flawed, but reflects an unjustified cynicism that  ignores the opportunities that America has provided to tens of millions of people since the first English settlers set foot on these shores. 

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Editor’s Corner: Finding family in Charlotte

By Natalie Kfoury – Co-Editor-in-Chief

College has changed my life. In the past four years, I have started to become the person I want to be going off into the real world.  It has been a process that has taken a lot of time and personal progress. However, I recently went through a big change, all in one week, and I never thought that one week could change my life so much. I have my Alternative Spring Break (ASB) family to thank.

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Letter to the Editor

Tessa Dinnie Contributing Writer

First of all, I would like to applaud [Natalie] for asking the Lasell community to learn from the mistakes that have been made, and start to make this campus safer for everyone, whether they are a student or a neighbor. I would also like to praise you for asking Lasell why the students did not hear a thing about the four forced sexual assaults that occurred in the 2013-2014 school year. Here’s what I’m asking, why did it take so long for Lasell to make the students aware about an alleged sexual assault that happened on our small campus? What makes this one so special that we deserve an email and didn’t hear a word about the others? Why did the media catch on to this tragedy?

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Letter to the Editor

This letter was sent to us by Lydia Sampson, Head of Technical Services at Brennan Library, in response to Alex Grant’s article “Reel Talk: Brennan needs an updated movie collection.”

I would like to thank Alex Grant for the opinion piece on the Brennan Library’s DVD collection featured in November’s “1851 Chronicle.” We librarians appreciate student feedback and suggestions. I would like to clarify a few points to let the Lasell community know more about our robust movie collection and how to access it. Continue reading “Letter to the Editor”

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