Students violate parking on campus

Illustration by Amanda Bennett
Illustration by Amanda Bennett

Levi Flood – Contributing Writer

Lasell saw a sharp rise in the number of parking violations during spring 2015.

There are more than 1,284 residential students at Lasell. Assuming a quarter of them are freshmen, leaves roughly 963 students with only 382 parking spaces available. There are also 380 commuters, although they have a measly 128 spots available for their vehicles. Is it any wonder that there never seems to be parking available? Continue reading “Students violate parking on campus”

Ed Conlin retires as Chief of Police

Levi Flood – Contributing Writer

Ed Conlin, Lasell’s Chief of Campus Police and Director of Public Safety, formally retired from his position on March 20. Following his retirement, Chief Conlin will be serving as an Emergency Services Specialist for the National Fire Protection Association. Captain John Kennedy will be the acting chief for Lasell while the college searches for a permanent replacement. Continue reading “Ed Conlin retires as Chief of Police”

The Foil Foodie: Now it’s Your Turn

By Levi Flood  – Contributing Writers

For the last month and a half I’ve been giving you some of my ideas for dorm-friendly recipes. Well, now it’s your turn. I am taking the week off to see if anyone has any ideas of their own. What I would like is for anyone with an idea of their own to email it to me at and Kayli Hertel at by Thursday, April 30th at 6 p.m. and it will be published the next day.

Continue reading “The Foil Foodie: Now it’s Your Turn”

The Foil Foodie: Guilty Carrots

By Levi Flood – Contributing Writer

Shopping List:

  • Brown Sugar $1.19
  • 1 Bag of Baby Carrots $2.49
  • **Butter

** Total cost: $3.68 (Prices are may vary based on produce weight and brand variation) This price does not include butter, which can be found individually packaged at the cafeteria. **


  • Pre-heat oven to 400 °F.
  • Place 20 carrots on a 12 inch by 12 inch piece of aluminum foil and put four heaping spoon-fulls of brown sugar and two level spoon-fulls of butter on top of the carrots.
  • Wrap the aluminum foil into a ball then add a second layer of foil and wrap into a ball.
  • Place foil ball in oven for 45 minutes (carrots should be soft when done).

Tip of the Week:

  • Feel free to make more or less of this recipe, just remember for every 10 carrots you will need two spoon-fulls of brown sugar and one spoon-full of butter.

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