Freshman Libby Castaldi spreads her positive light on campus

By Lindsay Tavarozzi

Libby Castaldi removes the cap from her treasured Lady Danger MAC lipstick. Her face just inches from the mirror, she puckers her lips and applies the shade of tangerine, the finishing touch to her morning routine.

In the moments that follow, she will make the strategic decision of which bag will accompany her outfit, which was most likely chosen the night before.

First year student Libby Castaldi has already left a mark on Lasell through her artistic ability, involvement on campus, and positive outlook on life. Photograph by Lindsay Tavarozzi.

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L’Aroma Cafe & Bakery, a local sensation

By Lindsay Tavarozzi & Taylor Salvato – 1851 Staff

Think of L’Aroma Cafe & Bakery as your new home away from home. It’s located on 15 Spencer Street in West Newton, about a mile from campus, and tucked directly behind West Newton Cinema. Cozy seating, faint
café music, and mouth-watering food prepared in-house will make you fall in love with this secluded cafe.

L’Aroma Cafe & Bakery is located at 15 Spencer Street in West Newton. The cafe serves gluten-free options, coffee, and a relaxing environment. Photo by Lindsay Tavarozzi

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Popular off-campus eateries

Domino's and Dragon Chef are two poplar off-campus dining choices. (Photo by Lindsay Tavarozzi_)
Domino’s and Dragon Chef are two poplar off-campus dining choices. (Photo by Lindsay Tavarozzi)

Lindsay Tavarozzi  1851 Staff

Dining hall food can be great, but some- times ordering takeout is exactly what a stu- dent needs. Whether it’s Chinese food, deli, or Italian, the possibilities are unlimited. Newton offers a variety of places within prox- imity to the Lasell campus, most of them without a delivery charge.

Lily’s Kitchen

Chinese food is a common option for college students. Moise Michel, a senior said he prefers Lily’s Kitchen’s Chinese food. “I like to switch things up often, but somehow I always end up getting Chinese and Lily’s is my favorite,” said Michel. Lily’s Kitchen is located in Waltham, MA and serves traditional Chinese dishes.

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Panel of governor candidates visits Lasell

The panel of candidates for the Massachusetts governor position visited campus to kick of Small Business Month. (Photo by Lindsay Tavarozzi)

Lindsay Tavarozzi – 1851 Staff

The 2014 Massachusetts governor candidates visited Lasell College for a panel sponsored by the Small Business Institute and the Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce. During this panel, each of the candidates spoke regarding the role and impact of small businesses in the economic development of Massachusetts. Continue reading “Panel of governor candidates visits Lasell”

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