Beware, love is in the air

By Ghiz Benzerdjeb – 1851 Contributor

My coworkers and I at work.
Photo by Ghiz Benzerdjeb

No mask in the world can protect you from this one, whether you had a Valentine’s Day boo or not, on February 14 of this year, it was all about self-love and loving the little things with the people you love. Normally on Valentine’s Day, I do take some effort in dressing up, buying flowers or art supplies and eating good. 

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Open Letter: Dear Sunflower

By Adam HallenbeckSports Editor 


Dear Sunflower,


When I think about that first time I saw you, I don’t think about what was going on in my life or where we were or really anything along those lines like normal people would think about. I remember your eyes. The blue that surrounds your pupil seems deep as an ocean, but that wasn’t what caught my eye. It was the beautiful yellows and slight orange accents sitting on top, creating what looks like a sunflower. 

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Villagers share Valentine advice

Reginah Sanyu – 1851 Staff

Advice is everywhere, from blogs, horoscopes, and other social media platforms. But when it comes to love and relationships, it is best to get advice from people who have experienced it.

Ruth and William Silen, married for 66 years, met in a trigonometry class while they were in high school. However, their love story did not begin until Ruth was bored with the boys at a party. With encouragement from her aunt, Ruth approached William and this time it was not about trigonometry. “At the moment, it was very unheard of for a girl to ask a boy, but I did,” said Ruth. Continue reading “Villagers share Valentine advice”

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