Sports Hall of Fame: honoring a legacy Reply

By Mackenzie Dineen – Arts Editor

The Athletic Department and Development and Alumni Office will be hosting the first Induction Ceremony for their new athletics Hall of Fame on October 13 in de Witt Hall. Since Lasell joined the NCAA in 1998, the Hall of Fame is an “Exciting next step in the athletic program,” said Athletic Director Kristy Walter. “It is time to have this as a piece of our history, and recognize the individual and team success that we have had, in a short amount of time; it is a way to honor athletes, keep them connected to Lasell and inspir,e current and future athletes to reach to those heights,” she said.


Large classroom size should be revisited Reply

By Mackenzie Dineen – Arts Editor 

Neat Receipt-Cash General Retail

Illustration by Amanda Bennett

There are a variety of factors that affect a prospective student’s decision to apply to a college. These include the campus, the selection of academic programs, and extracurricular activities. One of Lasell’s unique appeals is that it maintains an average class size of 25 students or less.  More…

Gaga fans meet “Joanne” Reply

By Mackenzie Dineen – Co-Arts Editor

Lady Gaga’s newest album, “Joanne,” released October 21, embodies an entirely new sound from her previous work. The album challenges her pop discography with unique folk influences and takes inspiration from artists including the Beatles, David Bowie, and Elton John. The album begins with “Diamond Heart,” a loud ballad that showcases Gaga’s raw vocals. The track focuses on “young wild Americans” and their nature. “A-Yo” is a mix of folk inspired vocals, a hip-hop breakdown, and an upbeat tempo. While the combination is interesting and nuanced, it can feel overwhelming at times. “Joanne,” the title track of the album, is an acoustic ballad focusing on loss. Lady Gaga’s intimate vocal performance makes the song more personal. The song is dedicated to, and the album is named after, Gaga’s late aunt.


Is Lasell Haunted? Reply

By Mackenzie Dineen – Co-Arts Editor

At the ripe old age of 165 years old, Lasell is full of history. Although students live here part of the year, perhaps we have some permanent residents. With buildings that were constructed before what we know as Lasell today, is it possible for dorms and houses to be full of history and spirits alike?


123-year-old Sarandon House is located at 145 Woodland Road and is festively decorated for Halloween. K-House is one of the houses on campus rumored to be haunted. Photo by Krista DeJulio


A ‘wild world’ for Bastille fans Reply

By Megan Palumbo & Mackenzie Dineen – Sports Editor & Co-Arts Editor

After gracing the music industry with their hit single, “Pompeii,” the British indie-pop band Bastille released a new album this month titled “Wild World.” Their rich vocals, favorable beats, and creative blends of sound “Wild World” is a must listen to for the new school year.


“Patriots Day” scene filmed on campus Reply

By Mackenzie Dineen – Co-Arts-Editor


A scene from “Patriots Day” was filmed in Rosen Auditorium over the summer. Photo courtesy of Lasell College

Peter Berg’s film “Patriots Day” visited Lasell this past May. The film is set to be released in January 2017, and covers the aftermath of the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. More…

Dear freshmen, getting involved is key 1

By Mackenzie Dineen – Co-Arts-Editor



Illustration by Amanda Bennett

The buzz at the Student Activities Fair is overwhelming especially when you’re not sure what clubs to get involved with. Perhaps you’re not sure if you should get involved on campus at all. You’re a college student, with a busy schedule, still trying to navigate. Whether you decided to sign up for no clubs at all, or decided to sign up for nine or 10, this is a decision that will affect your college life.