College explores dining hall options

By Max Schochet – 1851 Staff

There may be some new food options for Lasell in the near future. A Request for Proposal (RFP) has been issued to get bids from other dining service providers.

The Home Station (pictured) is revamping its appeal to students, along with other features in the dining hall. Sodexo, Laser’s dining service, may be replaced with another food vendor following the end of the academic year. Photo by Ryan Fitzgerald

“It’s probably closer to 25 years since we actually issued an RFP for dining services,” said Diane Austin, Lasell College Vice President of Student Affairs and a member of the RFP selection team. “And that is probably reflective of the fact that we felt like we’ve had a good partnership with Sodexo.”

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Online course takes unique approach

By Max Schochet – 1851 Staff

Professor Neil Hatem (Center) helps students in MATH106. During construction the math labs have been moved to Alden Lab in Brennan Library. Photo by Max Schochet

For many students, the thought of taking a math class can send shivers down their spine. “Typically speaking, students view math as more of a task or a chore. [It’s] something that they dread,” said Professor Neil Hatem, Chair of the Math & Science Department. Thanks to a new online math program, that perception has changed.   Continue reading “Online course takes unique approach”

CAB continues plans for exciting year

By Max Schochet – 1851 Staff

For sophomore and aspiring rapper Jake Lewis, it’s all in a day’s work. “Sharing that energy with a group of people and having the whole crowd scream and stuff, it’s just awesome,” said Lewis. He’s speaking of Open-Mic Night, held in the Campus Center.

Lewis will be performing at his second Open-Mic Night in November. He says the event is a great platform for students to showcase their talents.

Sophomore Jake Lewis performs at a recent Open-Mic Night sponsored by Campus Activities Board. Photo by Jackie Colombie

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