Tips to maintain mental health

By Holly Feola & Casey DiBariOpinion Editor & 1851 Contributor

A bulletin board in Edwards features resources on how to stay well and tips on how to be
Photo by Rebecca Osowski

The Office of Health Education tries to engage students to think about their mental health and encourage wellness. Juggling everyday stressors while trying to be productive and hold a social life can be considered as balancing mental health and wellness. 

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Quarantine health isn’t all physical

By Katie Peters and Holly FeolaArts Editor and News Editor

Quarantine can make it difficult to access mental health resources. In a time when it’s important to be there for people who need it, in-person support isn’t always an option. The lack of face-to-face interactions with a support system may leave people feeling isolated. Many people have turned to the internet for help. 

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Health initiative positively affects mental health

By Megan Palumbo – Sports Editor 

When members of the Lasell community were introduced to the Lasell Health Initiative last fall, thoughts of staying active with exercise classes may have ran through their heads. In a more broad sense, the initiative could be thought about as living a healthier lifestyle and taking care of their bodies physically. The Health Initiative is much more than improving fitness. These exercise classes can also be looked at to improve mental health, especially for college students.  Continue reading “Health initiative positively affects mental health”

Mental health recognized on campus

By Aimee Forman – 1851 Staff 

When I was 14 years old, I was diagnosed with type 1 Bipolar disorder while being hospitalized for self-infliction. Being bipolar has made life difficult, but has also truly made me the strong, inspired, person I am. It took time to establish some peace, but with the help from my family, friends, therapists, doctors, and teachers/professors, I have been able to make a stable life for myself while studying at Lasell. Continue reading “Mental health recognized on campus”

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