Watch City Brewing Co. offers good eats and great drinks 1

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Zachary GrayCo-Editor-In-Chief

Moody St in Waltham is home to a variety of restaurants for friends to enjoy some food and drinks. For those looking for American cuisine with a unique beverage, Watch City Brewing Company offers just that.

Established in 1996, Watch City Brewing Company is one of the few local restaurants in the Newton area to feature its own brewery. The restaurant has a cozy, traditional restaurant setting with familiar booth, table, and bar seating. More…

Moody Street stop for safety Reply

Allison Nekola – 1851 Staff

As of now, there is no shuttle that runs from Lasell to Moody Street in Waltham, a hot spot for many students. The attraction: it’s stacked with restaurants, bars and quaint shops. This especially affects students on the weekend who are 21 and older and have few options when going out.

According to a Peer Health Education survey on drinking and driving at Lasell, 90 percent of students have driven under the influence of alcohol and 94 percent have been in a car with a driver who has been under the influence of alcohol. More…