Alumni talk life after college

By Morgan VanWickler  Art Director

alumni panel
Student Alumni Association hosted an alumni panel on November 15 featuring (L-R) Katie Rathbun (’16), Gabriella Giangregorio (16′), Kevin Moloney (’14), and Ginelle Gaulin (’10). Photo by Katie Schneider

On November 15, Student Alumni Association hosted an alumni panel for their organization members and the rest of the Lasell community. The panel consisted of four Lasell graduates; Katie Rathbun (‘16), Gabriella Giangregorio (‘16), Kevin Moloney (‘14), and Ginelle Gaulin (‘10) and was moderated by SAA members Rosa DelCarmen and Ali Barlett. Continue reading “Alumni talk life after college”

Clothesline Project honors survivors

By Morgan VanWickler – Art Director

ClotheslineProject (1)
The shirts made by survivors as part of the Clothesline Project were displayed at Arnow Quad and the Glow Lounge. Photo by Morgan VanWickler

In October 1981, the first “Day of Unity” was held by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, which was later converted into Domestic Violence Awareness month in 1987. The month is dedicated to supporting survivors with getting the help and healing they need. Continue reading “Clothesline Project honors survivors”

March for freedom and justice for all

By Morgan Van Wickler – Junior Art Director

People of all ages, backgrounds, races, and cultures assembled in Boston Common on January 21 for the Women’s March for America.  While the march was heavily focused on women’s rights, it represented much more.  The march represented the country standing in solidarity with each other, showing newly-elected Washington that all citizens of the U.S. will fight for their rights.  Continue reading “March for freedom and justice for all”

For some, the Syrian refugee crisis hits home

By Nicole Taylor & Morgan VanWickler – Copy Editor & Junior Art Director

Every person on Earth has a purpose. For Associate Professor of Communication Dana Janbek, it’s working with Syrian refugees.

Her inspiration to begin researching the refugee crisis came from an article that described the living conditions in refugee camps. Janbek was so moved by this information she chose to pursue her own path of research.

Professor Dana Janbek teaches communication and works to educate the public on the Syrian refugee crisis. Photo by Michael Bueno

Continue reading “For some, the Syrian refugee crisis hits home”

Family, friends, alumni come together as one

By Megan Palumbo & Morgan VanWickler – Sports Editor & Junior Art Director 

Family, Friends and Alumni Weekend (FFAW), held October 14 through October 16, featured on and off campus activities, tours, restaurant visits and sports games for Lasers of all ages.

River Day pits families and friends against each other on the Charles River in a fun race for the top prize. Photo by Morgan VanWickler

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