Laser Nation: Talks Politics

By Krista DeJulio, Megan Palumbo and Brandi Johnson – Co-Editor-In-Chief and 1851 Staff

Since this is the season of politics, the Laser Nation film crew asked students around campus about politics, the debates, and the new candidates. Check out what they had to say when 1851 staff members Krista DeJulio, Megan Palumbo, and Brandi Johnson chased down Laser opinions.

Laser Nation: Special Alumni Edition

By Krista DeJulio, Allie Nekola and Megan Palumbo – Co-Editor-In-Chiefs and 1851 Staff

“1851 Chronicle” reporters Krista DeJulio, Allie Nekola with Megan Palumbo editing, experienced Family, Friends and Alumni weekend. This event is a chance for Lasers of all ages to connect and enjoy Lasell in the fall. Check out what past classmates have to say as 1851 staff members Krista DeJulio, Allie Nekola and Megan Palumbo chased down Laser alum opinions.

Chronicle’d Podcast: Episode 2

By Tristan DavisFeatures Editor

“1851 Chronicle” features editor, Tristan Davis introduces his official title to his podcast series, Chronicle’d. On this episode he brings you bi-weekly updates about news and events happening at Lasell College and in the Greater Boston area including Family, Friends and Alumni weekend activities, sports highlights of star players, Matt Damon’s performance in “The Martian” and upcoming events on campus. Background music was “Island in the Sun” by Weezer.

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