Chance the Rapper electrifies Bank Pavilion crowd Reply


Chance the Rapper put on an unforgettable show in Boston on Thursday, September 29. Photo by Ryan Fitzgerald.

By Ryan Fitzgerald – Co-Editor-in-Chief

The second he stepped onstage of the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion amphitheater, Chance the Rapper had a stronghold on the sold out crowd eagerly waiting to hear the music sensation. Donning his signature ‘3’ baseball cap, the 23-year-old’s presence offers such a welcoming, vibrant, and positive energy that it can fill a venue as soon as he walks in. He certainly did just that on Thursday, September 29, when his Magnificent Coloring World Tour came to Boston.


A ‘wild world’ for Bastille fans Reply

By Megan Palumbo & Mackenzie Dineen – Sports Editor & Co-Arts Editor

After gracing the music industry with their hit single, “Pompeii,” the British indie-pop band Bastille released a new album this month titled “Wild World.” Their rich vocals, favorable beats, and creative blends of sound “Wild World” is a must listen to for the new school year.


Café 939 Review Reply

By Sam Plumley and Krista DeJulio1851 Staff and Features Editor

This “café” is located at 939 Boylston Street in downtown Boston and looks nondescript when passing. But Café 939 is not actually a café. Café 939 is home to the artists of Berklee College of Music, where it houses bands that form at Berklee to perform, showcase their talent and gain recognition.


“Here and Nowhere Else” shines Reply

Natalie Kfoury Co-Editor-In-Chief

If any band is deserving of your attention right now, it’s Cloud Nothings. The three-piece alternative rock band with indie, lo-fi, and noise influences is nothing but strong, fresh, and skilled in what they do so well. With 2014’s “Here and Nowhere Else,” the band proves they are a force to be reckoned with and one of the strongest bands out there. This band will be huge.

“Here and Nowhere Else” is Cloud Nothing’s third LP. Following the critical success from “Attack on Memory” (2012) which produced catchy singles like “Stay Useless,” the band took what worked well from the past, improved upon it, and polished everything so well that “Here and Nowhere Else” stands far above their previous work.

New music to check out Reply

 Emma AugustIne – 1851 Staff

Upon hearing 2013’s top tracks like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” and Katy Perry’s “Roar” for the thousandth time, it was time to dive into the music scene of 2014.

Navigating through many music festival line-ups and listening to countless jams, led to the discovery of some promising new singles from the early albums of 2014.

Justin falls short in “Part 2 of 2” Reply


Zachary Gray – Co-Editor-In-Chief

Justin Timberlake has enjoyed a successful summer, as “The 20/20 Experience” put the pop star back in the spotlight. On September 30, Timberlake released his fourth solo album, “The 20/20 Experience – Part 2 of 2. The theme of new-school sophistication carries over to this album, but quality was apparently left behind. More…