Silk Sonic

By Pat Carbone -1851 Contributor

Graphic by Pat Carbone

When news first broke about the collaboration between Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars, people were already calling for them to receive the Grammy for album of the year.  After just over eight months, “An Evening with Silk Sonic” has finally arrived.

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Ashnikko’s “Demidevil” creates a new religion

By Ruth KehindeDigital Editor

Graphic by Ruth Kehinde

Women’s empowerment has become the new normal having various female artists promote their sense of self-worth to assist in helping women find power within themselves.  This is portrayed in American artist, Ashnikko’s, newest album, “Demidevil,” released on January 15. This 10 song album joins her discography with a heavy emphasis on feminism. 

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“The WIZRD” casts a repetitive spell

By Zach Houle – 1851 Staff 

Nowadays, rapper and auto-crooner Future isn’t what he once was. Autotune is saturated all across hip hop. He isn’t a commodity anymore although he is a big name. Future released his most recent album on Jan. 18 called “Wrld on Drugs,” which was a collaboration with Juice Wrld and had plenty of catchy hooks and melodic chemistry between the two artists. Unfortunately, it was heavy with auto-tune. “The WIZRD” is much more lengthy and drawn out.

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