Photos by Erin Correia and Madelyn Hedges

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Let there be light on Grellier Field

Casey DiBari – 1851 Staff

Scattered across the lawns of Newton, you may have seen signs that read “Stop Lasell’s Stadium Lights, 70-foot lights don’t belong in Auburndale.” These signs are part of a protest regarding Lasell’s plans to put lights on Grellier Field. The disagreement caught attention outside Newton when an article in the Boston Globe was published over the summer. It expressed how worried our neighbors are and why they do not want the lights. While these worries are under- stood, it would only be fair to share our side of the story.


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PHOTOS: Fall Foliage in Lasell

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Photos by Kayli Hertel, Nicole Taylor and Tom HorakManaging Editor, 1851 Staff Reporter and Photographer

With the weather getting colder and a wind chill in the air, it’s no wonder the trees of Lasell are shedding their leaves. Before winter comes through next month check out some of these fall highlights of the community.

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