5 pieces of advice for Biden

By Noor Lobad1851 Staff

This year’s presidential election will go down in history as one of the most polarizing elections of all time. With so much on the line for so many people, there has been significant friction between members of opposing parties and among those within the same party. In comparison to the staunch rejection of Hilary Clinton that Bernie supporters felt upon her emergence as the Democratic Presidential Nominee in 2016, a notably higher portion of Bernie supporters — like myself — opted to back Biden in this election in order to prevent a second Trump term. Winning the presidency was an important victory, but the fight is not over yet. Here are five things I believe Biden can do to make former Bernie supporters further embrace his presidency.

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Student Government Association revises

By Noor Lobad – 1851 Staff

Photo of the Student Government Association office located in the Arnow Campus

Photo by Katie Peters.

Since the start of COVID-19 in March, Student Government Association (SGA) has risen to the task of quickly adapting to the “new normal,” while still upholding tradition as it fulfills its purpose of wholly representing the school’s student body. They have done so while working toward making necessary adjustments during the semester.

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Require the flu vaccine – period

By Noor Lobad – 1851 Contributor

Flu season is officially upon us, as is the subsequent long-standing debate regarding whether or not the flu vaccine should be made mandatory. This year, tensions between those with opposing views are further heightened due to COVID-19, with pharmaceutical companies racing to emerge with a vaccine safe and widely-tested enough for mass distribution.

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