Make buildings handicap accessible Reply

Hayley Ackerson1851 Staff

During my freshman year, something happened I will never forget. I saw one of my fellow students try to get his wheelchair through the cafeteria door. The people walking in front of him didn’t look behind to see if he needed help and he was left struggling alone. Having a grandfather who had ALS makes it easy for me to feel for disabled students since I watched him struggle for two years. Lasell needs to become more handicap accessible for disabled students to make maneuvering around campus easier. More…

A diamond on campus Reply

Alex Serrazina – Contributing Writer

If you walk around Lasell, you’ll notice the upgrades occuring in the athletic department. The soccer/softball field received a new grass surface, there is talk of a new gymnasium, and there are two fitness rooms allowing athletes great choices for working out. The one thing missing on campus is a home for America’s pastime: a baseball field. This creates an issue not only for players and coaches, but fans as well. Lasell College should build a baseball diamond on campus. More…

Reel Talk: Brennan needs an updated movie collection Reply

Illustration by Elizabeth Centauro

Illustration by Elizabeth Centauro

Alex Grant – Contributing Writer

Like many Lasell students, I’ve often found myself strolling through Brennan Library in search of a DVD to watch. After browsing the selection, I end up watching something online via Netflix or similar websites because none of the titles sparked any interest. When I heard Brennan might get renovated by 2017, my thoughts went immediately to the DVD section. The choices could use a facelift in terms of the variety of selections.

There is much to be said about the selection Brennan already offers. With more than 2,000 titles, the library boasts a formidable collection and the librarians do a superb job of selecting relevant films. Renting movies without any fees is also a benefit for students. More…

The art of binge-watching Reply

Natalie Kfoury – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Netflix, my friends, is a beautiful thing. So is having friends or family members that own full seasons of television shows. Allow me to let you in on a little secret: I am a binge- watcher. Binge-watching is defined on the ever-reputable Wikipedia as “The practice of watching television for longer time spans than usual, usually of a single television show.”

Basically, I start watching a show and I try to complete it or seasons of it in as short of a time span as possible. It’s like a game: How long will it take me to watch “American Horror Story: Murder House” and “Asylum” and can I get caught up in time to watch “Coven.” I won that game. I watched the first two seasons in about two to three weeks and fully caught up the day before “Coven” premiered. More…

Sweet digs on campus Reply

Zachary Gray – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Living on a college campus is truly a great experience. It’s four years of memories, meeting friends, and living independently. Compared to the major colleges in the Boston area, Lasell has a small number of students living on campus. Yet, Lasell arguably has the most variety when it comes to residence halls. The Auburndale campus features the historical houses, spacious suites, hotel-style halls, and traditional dormitories. But which style residence hall is the best to live in? Several seniors shared their thoughts on the dorms they’ve lived in throughout their years at Lasell. More…

Lasell proves its value Reply

Ashyln Curley – Op/Ed Editor

In late September Boston Globe columnist Joanna Weiss featured Lasell in an opinion piece titled, “Shaking up the academic core: Mixing disciplines has brought new energy to the humanities at Lasell College.” She compared the image of college to the joyless image in “Good Will Hunting” with classic lectures of “egotistical professors” and students who aren’t thrilled to be there. But then there’s Lasell College. More…

More than just volunteering Reply

Illustration by Natalie Kfoury

Illustration by Natalie Kfoury

Kayli Hertel – Features Editor

I’m not really sure how I ended up at the Center for Community-Based Learning (CCBL). It may have started when my best friend dragged me along when she started volunteering; or it may have been when I followed my friends to talk with their CCBL mentors. Even though I don’t remember how I got to the CCBL, I’m glad I did.

In one word, the CCBL is all about caring. Caring about a topic, whatever it may be, and doing something about it is what the center does. It can be something about animals, youth homelessness, literacy, or cancer; it’s as simple as that.  More…