Skepticism and the conflict in Syria Reply

Emily M. Kochanek – News Editor

My mother always told me, “If the U.S. goes in to help, the world hates us. If the U.S. decides to mind its own business, the world hates us.” Although I grew up in a household that revered the American dream of freedom, I also learned skepticism. Just because the U.S. goes to war claiming humanitarian aid does not mean the government doesn’t have internal interests. Each side of the political spectrum has an agenda. In an arena of back-room deals, skepticism is all the American public has left.  More…

Final thoughts from the Lasell College Class of 2013 Reply

Well guys, we finally made it. It took awhile to prepare for this day. From the all-nighters, to the multiple symposiums, to the what seemed like never-ending research papers. Lucky for us, we got to spend the past four years preparing for the real world at Lasell College — where the professors are impeccable, the campus is beautiful during every season, and the awkward freshmen you met that first day you stepped foot on campus most likely became your best friends through it all. (Sidenote: WOODLAND CREATURES FOREVER!) We’ve been educated in subjects such as math, writing, history, law, business, sports, and design. In fact, most of us have excelled in those subjects. But nothing can compare to the life lessons that Lasell has taught us. And for those lessons I am most thankful. It’s been the fastest four years of our lives. It’s taken awhile to prepare for this day, our graduation; I can only hope the world is prepared for us. Congratulations, everyone! We did it! -Catie Coyne

I came to Lasell a shy freshman afraid of what was to come, but excited about the possibilities of my future here. The past four years have flown by and it has been a privilege for me to get to know many of you. The experiences I had, the friends I made and the opportunities I was offered all combined to shape me into who I am today. As I look through the tens of thousands of photos from the last four years I took, I’m shocked to see just how different we are from 2009. Many of you may not know me, or simply know me through my photography work, but either way it has been an honor to document the time we have spent at Lasell.

I wish each one of you the very best. -Will Dempsey