Symposium has value Reply

By Krista DeJulio – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Many people I know use Symposium as a day to catch up on work, on sleep, go out with friends the night before (and I have too) but I know Symposium day is worth much more. It’s not only a time to catch up on work, sleep, and relax, but a day for your friends and classmates to showcase what they’ve been learning during the semester. Finals week is around the corner and we want to go out and have one last hurrah, but there’s still a lot to do before we can have our fun. Presenting our work at symposium is one of those obligations. More…

Arabic language program should be offered Reply

By Amanda Bennett – Contributing Writer

Each year Lasell welcomes new students from all around the globe. The college has a total of 146 international students from 36 countries (32 graduate, 114 undergraduate). Out of those students, 70 students are from Saudi Arabia or Arabic speaking countries (six graduate, 64 undergrad). I think it is ridiculous Lasell does not offer any Arabic language courses or have an Arabic program.


Senior fashion students deserve allowance Reply

By Aliza Bogosian – Contributing Writer

With fashion design being such a popular major at Lasell, chances are you know of, or are friends with at least one of us. Even if you don’t know a fashion major, as college students I think we all understand being strapped for cash. In addition to the requisite college expenses of textbooks, Netflix, Spotify Premium, and absurd amounts of Easy Mac, senior fashion design students also have to budget for their Senior Collections.   More…

Senior housing takes on new meaning Reply

By Samantha Plumley – 1851 Staff

All of our roommates have quirks and may tend to do things that get on our nerves. Some may leave hair in the shower drain. Others may play their music too loud when you are trying to study. Starting next fall though, some New York University students may face roommates who leave their dentures lying around or fall asleep right after their 4:00 p.m. dinner with the introduction of the university’s new low-cost housing option.


Illustration by Amanda Bennett


Understanding homelessness Reply

By Ryan Fitzgerald – Co-Editor-in-Chief

A few weeks ago I was walking the streets of Boston when I noticed a mother and son standing next to a homeless man. The mother was leaning over talking to the man while her son held a pizza box to the man offering him to take it. When the man reached and took the pizza, you could see the gratitude on his face. The man could have had a mental illness, could have been an alcoholic, or maybe a drug addict. I do know that he is a human though, just like all homeless people, and all of us. More…

Educate yourself before voting to legalize marijuana Reply

By Megan Palumbo & Karlee Henry – Sports Editor & 1851 Staff

For Massachusetts voters, Ballot Question 4 is an intriguing yet messy subject. Question 4 calls for the legalization, regulation, and taxation of marijuana. If the question passes, Massachusetts will join Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, Washington State and District of Columbia in legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Many people are torn between supporting the proposed law or opposing it. However, many people aren’t very educated on the topic or the outcomes if the question passes. More…

Make locker rooms great again Reply

By Nicole Taylor & Michael Bueno – Copy Editor & 1851 Staff

In a locker room, teams become family, legacies are born, and traditions are established. A locker room is a culture and sacred place. It is where athletes shed tears and coaches give motivational speeches. Unfortunately, a Lasell men’s locker room has been neglected and it’s time for Lasell to invest in a fully functional men’s locker room. It is not acceptable to have a classroom serve as a replacement locker room.  More…