Third annual Alumni Pride Panel sets record attendance

By Alexandra White & Karisa Gaughan – Opinion Editor & Digital Sports Editor

Erica Desautels (‘09), Samantha Kowalski (G’16), and Dylan Alves (‘21) prepare for the Alumni Pride Panel in Arnow. Photo Courtesy of Juliana DeMuro

The Alumni Pride Panel on April 13 featured LGBTQ alumni Ashlyn Eaton (‘19), Erica Desautels (‘09), Samantha Kowalski (G ‘16), and Dylan Alves (‘21). The panel, hosted by the Student Alumni Association (SAA), and Lasell’s PRIDE club allowed alumni to share their experiences as a member of the LGBTQ community in college and workforce.

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Alum Ruth Kehinde speaks up at the United 3 flag ceremony

By Ruth Kehinde1851 Contributor

Ruth Kehinde, ’21, holds the United 3 flag in Arnow quad during the annual Lasell U-Celebration after giving a speech to the Lasell community. Photo courtesy of Jesse Tauriac

During a celebration of the United 3 flag on September 14, alumni Ruth Kehinde presented a speech on the importance of the unity between the BLM and PRIDE movements. In her address to the Lasell community, Kehinde stressed the importance of these movements, and thanked Lasell for choosing to pursue greatness in raising the United 3 flag.

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Students celebrate Transgender Day of Remembrance

By Katie Peters & Emily Long1851 staff

PRIDE hosted Transgender Day of Remembrance in the Arnow Campus Center, Nov. 15. The event that brought attention to transgender issues featured Carter, a 24-year-old non-binary trans masculine man who shared his story of coming into his identity. Born a girl, he had known that he was trans from a very young age but didn’t get to learn about his identity until college. Most of his adolescence, he was encouraged to wear makeup and skinny jeans. His father would give him lectures on dating and boys.  

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PRIDE comes out

Photos by Allison Nekola

Michelle Burke – Copy Editor

PRIDE’s President, Alex Turner, encouraged students to share their stories of coming out as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Pansexual to their friends and families. All participants referenced the difficulties of coming out relating to religion, marriage, and the fear of family rejection, as well as what is means to define someone as gay, straight, bisexual, or transgender. Turner began by telling his own story, explaining how he came out as bisexual and eventually transgender, meaning he identifies as a man. He described the feeling of coming out to his family as a “weight being lifted off [his] shoulders.”

The speeches continued with club members, including a speech from the Vice President of PRIDE, Emily Kesslinger. She spoke about how she doesn’t like to label her sexuality, and said, “just love who you love.” She also said she continues to struggle with remembering the preferred gender pronouns of her transsexual friends, making others realize acceptance of one another is what matters. Continue reading “PRIDE comes out”

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