“It’s Gone to Your Head” Review

By Abi Brown & Rachel Shepard – Arts Editor & Copy Editor

From April 6 to 16, in the Wedeman Art Gallery located in Yamawaki Center for the Arts, was its latest exhibit, cleverly titled “It’s Gone To Your Head.” 

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Legacy of a “coach-tain”

By LJ VP LaFiura & Rachel Shepard Sports Editor & Copy Editor

Senior captain Elise Stanbury poses during media day before the start of her season. Photo courtesy of Elise Stanbury

When senior captain Elise Stanbury joined the track and field team four years ago, there were only three other throwers. Now, the throwers have 10 members between the men’s and women’s teams thanks in part to her leadership.

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Goodbye SoCa Day, hello ComArts Conversations

By Rebecca Osowski & Rachel Shepard – Features Editor & Copy Editor

Photos by Bailey Klingaman

Previously known as SoCa Day, The School of Communication & the Arts hosts a series of lectures annually for students to attend. Now, it’s been rebranded as ComArts Conversations. This year, the lectures run on Tuesdays from March 1 through April 12 and focus on a combination of communications and design.

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32 minutes after three years

By Rachel Shepard – Copy Editor

Graphic by Rachel Shepard

Mitski has had a love affair with music, and her fans have been put through the wringer. After taking a hiatus from music in 2019, she released her newest album “Laurel Hell” on February 4, and it was only 32 minutes in length. According to Mitski, this is the longest she has spent working on an album and has been working on various songs since 2018.

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Art review: The Rose Museum

By Claire Crittendon & Rachel Shepard – Co-Editor-in-Chief & Copy Editor

Less than 10 minutes away from Lasell is Frida Kahlo’s sketchbook at the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University. 

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