Empty Bowls holds auction benefiting Center Street Food Pantry placed

By: Rebecca Osowski1851 Staff

A set of bowls auctioned off at the event made by a community member and glazed by a former student.
By Rebecca Osowski

       The Empty Bowls club held a live event via Zoom to auction off handmade bowls to raise money for the Center Street Food Pantry in Newton on April 15.

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The Beautiful Stuff Project is truly something beautiful

By Rebecca Osowski – 1851 Contributor

The Beautiful Stuff Project’s storefront located at 511 Medford St. in Somerville.
Photo courtesy of Marina Seevak

The Beautiful Stuff Project is a mission to “inspire creativity and increase access to play and the arts through reuse,” an idea that runs true through their unique treasure box curriculum. 

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University becomes a COVID-19 vaccine provider

By Holly Feola and Rebecca Osowski – Opinion Editor & 1851 Contributor

First-year Emma Lavallee recieved her second dose of the covid COVID-19 vaccine at a vaccination site not provided by Lasell. (Photo has been censored for privacy purposes.)
Photo by Rebecca Osowski

On January 13, the community received an email from Director of Health Services Richard Arnold about how the university has been authorized to be a Massachusetts COVID-19 Vaccine Provider, becoming one of the first universities in the country to be able to administer the Moderna vaccine to part of its population.

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New Year’s Resolutions: Useful or a Cliché?

By Rebecca Osowski – 1851 Contributor

McClelland gym is now open on campus, a perfect place to start achieving your goals, whenever you are ready.
Photo by: Rebecca Osowski

As the year ends, families gather to celebrate holidays and reflect on the year while also reflecting on themselves, setting New Year’s resolutions and aiming to be a better version of themself in the following year. While New Year’s resolutions are great for setting goals, they are often hard to attain, easily discouraging those that set them. 

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Admission Office updates virtual tours

By Rebecca Osowski 1851 Staff

The Arnow Campus Center featured in the virtual walking tour.
Photo by Rebecca Osowski.

As COVID-19’s effect has continued through the summer, high schoolers have been missing out on campus tours. Since this is an important step for students in choosing where to pursue their higher education, the Admission and Marketing teams decided it was time to add thorough, virtual tours to the website to give students the opportunity to see campus without stepping on it.

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Political climate proves to be polarizing

By Claire Crittendon, Taylor Viles, Rebecca Osowski & Rayana PetroneCo-Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor & 1851 Staff

The first presidential debate that took place on September 29 in Cleveland, Ohio. Graphic by Katie Peters

On September 29, President Trump and Vice President Biden took to the stage in Cleveland, Ohio for the first 2020 Presidential Debate. One week later, Vice President Pence and Senator Harris appeared live from Salt Lake City, Utah for the Vice Presidential debate.

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