Admission Office updates virtual tours

By Rebecca Osowski 1851 Staff

The Arnow Campus Center featured in the virtual walking tour.
Photo by Rebecca Osowski.

As COVID-19’s effect has continued through the summer, high schoolers have been missing out on campus tours. Since this is an important step for students in choosing where to pursue their higher education, the Admission and Marketing teams decided it was time to add thorough, virtual tours to the website to give students the opportunity to see campus without stepping on it.

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Political climate proves to be polarizing

By Claire Crittendon, Taylor Viles, Rebecca Osowski & Rayana PetroneCo-Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor & 1851 Staff

The first presidential debate that took place on September 29 in Cleveland, Ohio. Graphic by Katie Peters

On September 29, President Trump and Vice President Biden took to the stage in Cleveland, Ohio for the first 2020 Presidential Debate. One week later, Vice President Pence and Senator Harris appeared live from Salt Lake City, Utah for the Vice Presidential debate.

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