“COVID’s over, time to pay RENT”

By Michael Maruk & Alexandra White – Art Director & 1851 Contributor

The cast of RENT performing “La Ve Boheme” to close out Act One. Photo by Dan Fox

The season of love was back in full swing from November 17 through 20 when Lasell University and Regis College teamed up to perform the musical “RENT,” now going on its 25th anniversary. The show was held at Regis’ Eleanor Welch Casey Fine Arts Theater and it has been a long time coming since COVID-19 shut down most events in the last year. As most of the cast and directors have said, it sure was exciting for everything to be back in person.

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“Children of Eden:” a musical journey through “Genesis”

By Casey DiBari, Madison Raffone & Taylor VilesOpinion Editor, Copy Editor, & Taylor Viles


On Wednesday, Nov. 20, Lasell Drama Club alongside Regis College, opened their fall musical, “Children of Eden.” The musical, which closed on Saturday, Nov. 23, centered around the Story of Creation during the first act and transitioned into the story of Noah’s Ark in the second act. Connecting the two acts was the theme of the “Mark of Cain,” introduced at the end of the first act.

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Lasell and Regis partner to perform


Lasell College Drama Club partnered with Regis College Theatre Club for the fall musical “Footloose.” Robby Rowe (bottom left) shined in his first lead role playing Ren McCormick. Rowe, Taylor Viles and a Regis student (bottom right) dancing during a musical number. Working together has provided students an opportunity to work with larger casts, as well as a larger performing facility. Mixing the talent from both schools could also help the students in the cast and crew, by learning from each other and helping each other throughout the show. Photos courtesy of Lizzy Leahy.



Bringing drama to Regis; Lasers ‘kick off Sunday shoes’

Katie Peters1851 staff

Preparations are underway for the fall musical “Footloose”. The performance will include members of the Lasell College Drama Club and Regis College Theater Club. This is the first time both clubs are collaborating, which brings a new dynamic for all students and faculty involved. 

Nearly 80 people are in the musical between the cast and crew from both Lasell and Regis. The performance and practice spaces at Regis have proven useful to the production of the show. 

Assistant Professor of Performing Arts and Director of “Footloose” Lori L’Italien said, “This was kind of a good opportunity for [Regis] to be able to put on a big musical because they don’t really have enough people to put on a big show on their own.” 

The collaboration of these clubs has been anticipated for a while. Out of 38 cast members, 12 are from Regis and 26 are from Lasell. This gives Regis students the chance to work with a larger number of people while Lasell students get the chance to work in a larger space. 

L’Italien also mentioned that the drama club has “really outgrown [our] facilities.” Using a professional theater, practice rooms and other spaces at Regis, the club has been able to utilize their resources more effectively than ever. 

As of right now, this partnership is just for the fall musical. However, L’Italien is hopeful that it may happen again. “We’re certainly talking about other collaboration opportunities in the future,” said L’Italien. “For now, it’s just for this show and then we’re going to meet and see how it went, what we want to do better, if we do it again. Hopefully, we will.”

The performances will be held at the Eleanor Welch Casey Theatre at Regis. The theatre can hold about seven times more people than the Yamawaki Auditorium where the plays are normally held, seating over 600 people. It also has high-quality professional lighting and sound systems, access to a green room and other facilities to make the show run as smoothly as possible. 

Admission is free for Lasell students and shows will be Nov. 15 to 18. The drama club will be providing transportation to Regis College for any Lasell students who are interested in attending this event.

Men’s Soccer

The Lasell men’s soccer team hosted a Pediatric Cancer Awareness Game on Sept. 19 against Regis College Lions. The honorary game was in tribute to Sophia’s Fund, a non-profit organization that helps families fight pediatric cancer. Both teams battled into double overtime ending the game in a 1-1 tie. Photos by Chris Bretti

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