New breakfast eatery in Back Bay Reply

By Leanne Signoriello & Samantha Plumley – Opinion Editor & 1851 Staff

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but finding a breakfast hot spot that can accommodate the cravings for classic waffles, stacks of pancakes, or an omelette on early mornings (or late nights) out with friends is harder than ever; which is why The Friendly Toast should be added to your bucket list of good eats.


From the land down under Reply

By Samantha Plumley – Global Correspondent 

“Where is your accent from?” the saleswoman asked. I waited for my Fijian friend to answer, but instead she just cleared her throat. I looked up and saw them both looking at me. Suddenly, I was the exotic one. The one with a story to tell. In some ways it feels like I have been here forever, but there are times when I feel like I just flew in. Studying abroad in Australia has been an endless vacation, and for the first time in a long time, I have a chance to breathe.

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Photo Courtesy of Samantha Plumley


Catch the spark of the holiday season Reply

By Samantha Plumley & Leanne Signoriello – 1851 Staff

Students with cabin fever, in need of a road trip should look west to the Yankee Candle Village in South Deerfield. Mad DJ skills, two hours, and
half a tank of gas is all that is needed to reach this wonderland. At Yankee Candle Village, it is Christmas every day. The atmosphere and activities will put most in the holiday spirit. Grabbing a map will come in handy as you try to navigate your way through the world’s largest candle store.


The Yankee Candle Village is located in South Deerfield and features an array of candles and fun for all ages including Santa, in-store snow, shopping, and a history of candle making.

Photo by Leanne Signoriello


Laser Spotlight: Nick Lucido Reply

By Samantha Plumley – 1851 Staff

Junior Nick Lucido, co-captain of the rugby team has been infatuated with the sport since discovering it on a Nickelodeon cartoon. Destined for athletics, he experimented until he found his perfect match. The club ended its season for the semester on Sunday, November 1 after tying a match with Castleton State College in Vermont.  

What is your first memory of playing a sport? What inspired you to play?

T-ball. I was on the Twins. That was the team all the kids that lived in the center of the city played on. Everyone in my family has played sports and always will. It’s not really a choice.

Photo by Krista DeJulio

Photo by Krista DeJulio


Men’s volleyball wins GNAC, loses to Baruch Reply

Photo by Tom Horak

Photo by Tom Horak

Samantha Plumley and Leanne Signoriello 
– 1851 Staff

The Lasell men’s volleyball team recently took home their first Great Northeast Athletic Conference Championship (GNAC) trophy. “We did it. There’s not much more you could ask for,” said senior, co-captain Dan Raffol on the men’s volleyball team’s recent success. More…

Severe winter impacts baseball season Reply

Photo by Tom Horak

Photo by Tom Horak

Samantha Plumley and Michelle Port  – 1851 Staff

The mountains of snow that plagued New England this winter proved to be more impactful than anyone expected. Lasell’s baseball team experienced a slow start to their season, but overcame their frustrating situation.

Each year, the baseball team travels to to Fort Myers, Florida to escape the cold and improve their skills. Spring training allows the team to practice in ideal weather and provides the opportunity to play a string of games, which are not impacted by the erratic weather. More…

Lasers shoot for networking opportunities 1

Photo courtesy of Ryan McFadden

Photo courtesy of Ryan McFadden

Samantha Plumley and Leanne Signoriello – 1851 Staff

Whether it be through Lasell’s concept of connected learning or the inspiration to complete internships, Lasell is not shy when it comes to providing students the opportunities to transition into life after graduation. Recently, members of the Lasell community had the opportunity to shootfor networking opportunities. More…