Senior letter: Thank you, next

By Avery Stankus – Editor-in-Chief

Photo by Avery Stankus

Reserved, anxious, intimidated. As I entered college, my mind was full of uncertainty. Would I make friends? Was this the right school? Would I be happy? These worries quickly subsided as I started to immerse myself within the Lasell community. I came on campus thinking I knew who I was and I didn’t have too much left to grow, but boy was I wrong.  Continue reading “Senior letter: Thank you, next”

Senior letter: The triumphs and tribulations of a university newspaper

By Emily Long – Digital Editor

Photo by: Emily Long

When I was a first-year, I knew I wanted to join the newspaper. I went to my first meeting and I was nervous but I loved the energy. Our cramped but homey office felt like a real newsroom. Throughout my first year, I wasn’t sure if I really loved writing for The Chronicle. Something told me to stick with it and to see what would happen. Continue reading “Senior letter: The triumphs and tribulations of a university newspaper”

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