Scratching beyond the surface: How Lasell students are building a trauma-informed community

By Joanna Lopez – 1851 Contributor

Content Warning: Topics featured in this story may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.

(L-R) Seniors Haley Sherman, Jaclyn Hough, Mya Maxim, Julia Resener, and Sydney Carter wait in the Science and Technology Center on Valentine’s Day with scratch-off hearts and sweet-and-sour candies at the Valentine’s Day Blitz 2022 event. Photo by Joanna Lopez

Valentine’s Day is a widely recognized holiday that ranges in sentiment and meaning for people all across the world. To some, it is a day to appreciate your closest loved ones and celebrate romance. To others, Valentine’s Day is a holiday invented by large corporate companies to capitalize on a clear opportunity.

Assistant Professor Of Legal Studies Karin Raye’s Advanced Sexual Violence Directed Study students and Lasell’s Title IX interns chose to use this Valentine’s Day as a chance to emphasize the impact this holiday can have on survivors of sexual and domestic violence, and highlight how the campus community can contribute to promoting healthy relationships.

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Take Back the Night, Clothesline Project now hybrid

By Katie Peters & Claire CrittendonEditors-in-Chief

Content warning: domestic and sexual violence

Lanters with messages of support displayed leading to the Science and Technology Center.
Photo by Claire Crittendon

In the past two months, two large social justice based events occurred on campus to support survivors of sexual and domestic violence courtesy of Professor Raye’s CJ303: Domestic Violence Advocacy course: The Clothesline Project and Take Back the Night.

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Lasell hosts the White Ribbon Campaign

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Lasell hosts the White Ribbon Campaign, an initiate that raises awareness and support from men against sexual and domestic violence. Stay tuned for a follow up article on the event and campaign itself in the next few days.

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