Boomer’s back: Return of the torchbearer

By LJ VP LaFiura1851 Contributor

Boomer excitedly waits for the women’s volleyball game to begin. Photo by LJ VP LaFiura

It was different during the pandemic-altered 2020-21 school year. While groups across campus had to change how they worked, so did the athletics department, which could not have fans in attendance last year, and with that, the disappearance of Boomer. But now that the fans are back, it’s Boomer’s time to shine.

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Gameplay resumes for Lasers

By Taylor VilesSports Editor

An excited crowd watches over the women’s soccer team on Taylor Field. Photo by Mike Maruk

On March 13, Lasell University announced the cancelation of in-person classes, asking students to head home until COVID-19 was under control. Two days prior, the men’s volleyball team hosted Springfield College in what would become the last on-campus sporting event for over a year.

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Kelley Sundberg to lead women’s b-ball

By Taylor VilesSports Editor

Sundberg smiles from her office as she prepares for her first season as a Laser.
Photo by Taylor Viles

Following the resignation of former women’s basketball head coach Todd Montana in August, the Athletic Department began their search for a new leader for the program. Because there was no winter season, this process wasn’t rushed and the hiring team aimed to be methodical in their selection.

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Positive outlook for Spring sports

By Taylor Viles and LJ VP LaFiura – Sports Editor and 1851 Contributor

Men’s volleyball practices Friday afternoon as they prepare for the season.
Photo by Taylor Viles

The participation in athletic events at Lasell has been layered in uncertainty over the last year, there’s no denying that. Each time Director of Athletics Kristy Walter thinks she’s close to a successful plan, it’s thrown away and she’s left to start over.

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