Sox and Pats look for wins on Sunday

By James Payne – 1851 Staff

The last time the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox played on the same day was nearly three years ago, October 13, 2013. I remember this distinctly because I was at the Patriots game against the New Orleans Saints at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots were losing late in the game. I left early (per my dad’s request) and while we were walking to the car we heard a roar from the stadium as Brady threw a game-winning touchdown pass with five seconds to spare.

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New editor joins the team

Tristan Davis – Sports Editor

If you asked me if I thought I’d be writing this column when I applied here last fall, I’d probably think you were in-sane. Yet, here I am. I’d think you were even crazier if you said “You’re going to be the new Sports Editor for The 1851 Chronicle.” But once again, here I am.

My name is Tristan Davis and I’m a freshman at Lasell. I’m probably really easy to spot in a crowd, because I’m 6’6” and colorblind. The colorblindness is important because I’m likely wearing something that doesn’t match at all now that I don’t have my mom to pick out all my clothes for me. Continue reading “New editor joins the team”

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