Remember, fantasy football isn’t real Reply

By Ryan Fitzgerald – Co-Editor-in-Chief 

Oh Sundays. We love them for football, nachos, and the community feeling we get from spending game day with friends to watch our favorite team compete. But what some of us have come to love even more about Sundays is managing our own football team. Well, fantasy football team.


Looking back on Papi’s career Reply

By James Payne – 1851 Staff

In 1997, David Ortiz made his Major League Baseball (MLB) debut with the Minnesota Twins where he would spend five seasons. But he really made a name for himself right here in Boston where he has 14 unforgettable seasons. On October 2, 2016, David Ortiz will play his final regular season MLB game with the Red Sox.


New editor joins the team Reply

Tristan Davis – Sports Editor

If you asked me if I thought I’d be writing this column when I applied here last fall, I’d probably think you were in-sane. Yet, here I am. I’d think you were even crazier if you said “You’re going to be the new Sports Editor for The 1851 Chronicle.” But once again, here I am.

My name is Tristan Davis and I’m a freshman at Lasell. I’m probably really easy to spot in a crowd, because I’m 6’6” and colorblind. The colorblindness is important because I’m likely wearing something that doesn’t match at all now that I don’t have my mom to pick out all my clothes for me. More…