Where did syllabus week go? 

By Alexandra White – 1851 Contributor  

At the start of every semester, students expect their first week of classes will be syllabus week. Syllabus week is an entire week of school where professors will go over the course’s policies, what to expect, deadlines, etc. However, since the start of the pandemic, I have noticed the majority of my classes start teaching on the first day. In some of my classes, professors haven’t even posted a syllabus on Canvas. 

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Student’s on the Street

By Ruth Kehinde, Emily Long & Jared Sgroi  – Digital Editors & 1851 Staff

A month has passed since the Fall semester has began. Senior, Jared Sgroi, interviewed various Lasell “Students on the Street” about their input on how Lasell has changed since the transition into a university status, within that passing month.

News briefs

Emily Kochanek, Morgan Austin, Lara Garrett, and Talia Leblanc – 1851 Staff

Uganda trip canceled

After months of debate within the community, President Michael Alexander announced on October 16 that the service trip to Uganda will be cancelled for this year due to the country’s anti-gay legislation and its implications to human rights as well as terrorist activity and the possible spreading of Ebola.

In a letter to the community, Alexander wrote, “I hope we can go forward confident in the knowledge that we can engage in open discourse on challenging topics while exhibiting respect, and even kindness, to those whose opinions differ from our own.”

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