Films to watch in the month of March Reply

By Tristan Davis – Features Editor

“The Divergent Series: Allegiant – Part I”- March 18

Tris and Four (Shailene Woodley and Theo James) escape the wall-enclosed Chicago and head for greener pastures, only to discover new truths of the world that shatter the pair’s preconceived notions. Tris struggles with the concept of trust, love and courage as the struggle to survive continues. This two-part installment of the final addition to the Divergent Series also stars Zoe Kravitz, Miles Teller, and Ansel Elgort.

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”- March 25

It’s been 14 years since Toula and Ian’s (Nia Vardalos and John Corbett) iconic marriage, and their relationship has lost some of its spark. Their teenage daughter Paris (Elena Kampouris) rebels against them and doesn’t follow Greek traditions, not to mention that Toula’s parents’ marriage turns out not to be as legitimate as the Portokalos clan thought. Many of the beloved original cast- members return in the series’ second installment.

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”- March 25

When Superman (Henry Cavill) and evil overlord Zod (Michael Shannon) duked it out in the city of Metropolis two years ago, the area was left crippled and destroyed. The locals are unhappily still piecing back together their broken homes, including billion- aire Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), who decides that the only way to make things right is to strap on the Batman suit and rid the earth of Superman once and for all. Lex Luthor ( Jesse Eisenberg) has similar aspirations, waging a war against the Man of Steel along with Batman. This has the makings of another “superfilm,” next to the likes of “Jurassic World” or “Star Wars.” So sport your favorite superhero outfit and head to the theatres in super style.

Students connect with professionals Reply

By Ryan Fitzgerald, Tristan Davis, Alex Balletto – Co-Editor-in-Chief, Features Editor, 1851 Staff

March observed Daylight Savings Time in most of the world, but on the Lasell campus, it was also a month of “days” to save: Hospitality Day (March 2), COM Day (March 8), and Fashion Day (March 22).


Pulitzer-prize winning reporter Michael Rezendes speaks to students in de Witt Hall on COM Day.


Chronicle’d Podcast: Episode 8, Let’s talk spring break Reply

By Tristan Davis and Rosemary Leger

“1851 Chronicle” editors Tristan Davis and Rosemary Leger come together to discuss spring break before embarking on their own adventures. In this episode, they also talk plans for three athletic teams, two Alternative Spring Breaks, and one hospitality class. No matter where you’re headed, enjoy the week off, Lasers!

Background music is “Cake By The Ocean” by DNCE.

PHOTOS: COM Day 2016 inspires students through speakers, alumni Reply

By Tristan Davis and Rosemary Leger

The fourth annual COM Day on March 8 promoted the theme, “Spotlight on Storytelling,” and attracted crowds of students and community members. The day’s events included a social media panel, speed networking session, and keynote address from investigative reporter Michael Rezendes.


Professor Michael Laramee moderates the Social Media Strategies panel, which consisted of Chris Antinowich (Pilot), Len Mead (Comcast Boston), Andrea Goodman (Be The Change), Fei Wu (independent podcaster), and Zac Veirra (Major League Baseball).


PHOTOS: Second annual Hospitality Day a smashing success Reply

By Rosemary Leger and Tristan Davis

The second annual Hospitality Day proved successful as students and faculty alike were treated to Keynote Speaker David Giblin of the Marriott Hotel chain as well as two panels of experienced field professionals, among other fascinating events.


Chronicle’d Podcast: Episode 7, COM Day preview Reply

By Tristan Davis

“1851 Chronicle” features editor, Tristan Davis discusses the events and speakers coming to campus next Tuesday, March 8, for Lasell’s COM Day 2016. The Keynote Speaker will be Michael Rezendes, a Pulitzer Prize-winner and investigative reporter at the Boston Globe. Rezendes was played by Mark Ruffalo in the 2016 film, Spotlight, which won Best Picture at Sunday’s Academy Awards. Background music is “Black Mountain Side” by Led Zeppelin.

Six things you did not know about Lasell College Reply

By Tristan Davis and Rosemary Leger

Karandon House has seen a child birth

Donald J. Winslow, son of former Lasell College President Guy Winslow, was born in Karandon House on December 21st, 1911. Winslow graduated from Newton High School in 1929 before receiving degrees from both Tufts University and Boston University. While working at Lasell, Winslow served as the school’s historian and even published a book titled Lasell: A History of the First Junior College for Women.


Chronicle’d Podcast: Episode 6, Q&A with Tristan and Rose Reply

By Tristan Davis & Rosemary Leger

“1851 Chronicle” features editor, Tristan Davis joins managing editor, Rosemary Leger, in the first episode of the Spring 2016 semester. The two take questions from Lasell students which discuss their best days on campus and a theoretical dinner with three members of the community. Background music is“Gold” by Marina and the Diamonds.