Letter to the Editor: Unconstitutional vs. wrong

By Zach Gray – Former Co-Editor-in-Chief, Class of 2014

The opinion section of The 1851 Chronicle is vital for communication students to air their viewpoints in a constructive and well thought manner. It provides a tremendous learning platform for students, including myself in years prior, to work on writing skills and defending a side in opinion-based topics.

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Editor’s Corner: The final coumn

Zachary Gray – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Over the course of four years in college, there are lessons students learn that can potentially lead them on the right path in life. Such as, what restaurants deliver past midnight? Can I still pass this assignment despite writing three fewer pages than required? Or how long can I go without washing this article of clothing? In most cases, it’s three days. Continue reading “Editor’s Corner: The final coumn”

Game, set, match: Anderson and Dionne call it a career

Photos by Tom Horak

Zachary Gray – Co-Editor-In-Chief

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. That’s the case every year at the conclusion of the men’s volleyball season. With a 3-0 Greater Northeast Athletic Conference semifinals loss to top-seeded Rivier on April 10, seniors Tim Anderson and Matt Dionne wrapped up their collegiate careers. The April 5th Senior Day celebrated the careers of Anderson and Dionne, but it was actually the second time they participated in a senior day together. The two Danville, NH natives graduated from Timberlane Regional High School in 2010 and have been friends since seventh grade.
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Student, guest speaker announced for graduation

Joseph Abboud poses among suits he has designed. Abboud will be the guest speaker for Commencement 2014. (Photo courtesy of web.mwi.org)
Joseph Abboud poses among suits he has designed. Abboud will be the guest speaker for Commencement 2014. (Photo courtesy of web.mwi.org)

Zachary Gray & Samantha Greaves – Co-Editor-in-Chief & 1851 Staff

President Michael Alexander announced Boston fashion designer Joseph
Abboud and Lasell senior Sara Roberts have been chosen as this year’s commencement speakers. Continue reading “Student, guest speaker announced for graduation”

Level up, game on

Zachary Gray – Co-Editor-in-Chief

They’ve been around for decades, bringing families together and kids out for competition. They’ve brought joy to the victorious and sadness to the defeated. They continue to sell by the millions and create controversies with the government. They can be found in nearly every dorm room on campus, both male and female. They, of course, are video games. Continue reading “Level up, game on”

Residence Halls: Then and Now

Current photos by Zachary Gray. Vintage photos used with permission of the Winslow Archives of Lasell College

Lasell’s residence halls have survived decades, even over a century, in Auburndale. Some have remained relatively the same, while others have seen dramatic changes. This is a small sample of these dorms through the years.

Watch City Brewing Co. offers good eats and great drinks

Courtesy of watchcitybrew.com
Courtesy of watchcitybrew.com

Zachary GrayCo-Editor-In-Chief

Moody St in Waltham is home to a variety of restaurants for friends to enjoy some food and drinks. For those looking for American cuisine with a unique beverage, Watch City Brewing Company offers just that.

Established in 1996, Watch City Brewing Company is one of the few local restaurants in the Newton area to feature its own brewery. The restaurant has a cozy, traditional restaurant setting with familiar booth, table, and bar seating. Continue reading “Watch City Brewing Co. offers good eats and great drinks”

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